Preserve Your Precious Memories for your future generations
Convert to DVD

Have you got a VHS, Hi8 tape, 8mm or 16mm film that you can now longer watch?
Or footage on cameras or camcorders that you can not get off?

MDF Videoing Specialists has up-to-date digital editing technology that can transfer, convert and produce you a professional DVD of your footage.

We can convert:

  • 8mm & 16mm films,
  • Hi8 tapes,
  • VHS tapes,
  • Hard drive camcorders,
  • Reel to Reel,
  • Slides,
  • Vinyl records

There are two options available for converting your precious memories:
Option 1: Footage transferred to DVD with no editing
Option 2: Footage transferred to DVD edited and chaptered

DVDs are customized for you with a printed picture from your video footage, encased in a personalized DVD case.


Video Editing Price List

Video to dvd transfer - no editing (short play (SP) mode)


0-180 minutes SP VHS - 1 disc
180+ minutes SP VHS - 2 discs

video to dvd - edited and chaptered (short play mode)

0-180 minutes SP VHS - 1 disc
180+ minutes SP VHS - 2 discs



8mm & 16mm film to dvd - no editing



0-5 minutes
5-15 minutes
15-30 minutes
30+ minutes
Editing, chaptering and music background can be added from $10.00

hi8 . standard 8 . mini dv . hard drive camcorders - no editing


0-180 minutes SP - 1 disc
180+ minutes SP - 2 discs



0-180 Minutes SP - 1 disc
180+ minutes SP - 2 discs

LP's or tapes to cd's

$0.50 per slide

LP's to CD (large) Record Albums
LP's to CD (small) 45RPM & 78RPM Records
Reel to Reel 900ft, both sides
Reel to Reel 1200ft, both sides
Slides to DVD or CD
Cassette Tape to CD

*For best possible quality footage, over 180 minutes will be put onto 2 discs
*Bluray DVD options are available, please enquire for further details
*Drop off location is available in Chartwell, Hamilton, NZ

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